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Great ads make great campaigns, but payment limits can hold you back. We keep it simple: no limits on your ad creativity across all social media platforms. Run your ads freely without worrying about spending caps!

Why Vicards?

Empower your ads like never before with Vicards. Take control and advertise without limits.

Boost your ADS

Infinite potential , Endless Growth , Limitless transactions


Multiple Virtual Cards

Easily create and manage multiple virtual cards tailored for specific advertising needs across all social media platforms, perfect for solopreneurs, freelance marketers, and businesses seeking adaptable solutions.

Real-Time Notifications

Stay informed with instant updates for all transactions, accessible through our user-friendly app or website.

Unlimited Reloads

Enjoy the flexibility of reloading your virtual cards without any limitations. There are no constraints on the frequency or amount of reloads, providing complete control over your spending.

Limitless Ad Campaigns

Expand your marketing limitlessly; there are no caps or restrictions on the number of ad campaigns.s.

Account Analytics

Gain insights into spending patterns and campaign performance with detailed statements and comprehensive analytics for informed decision-making.

Transparent Fee Structure

Our commitment to transparency means no hidden fees: 0% transaction fee, 0% fees for declined payments, and 0% fees for unsuccessful payment attempts.

Vicards Package

All-in-One Solution for Your Social Media Ads

Unlock unlimited potential at the best price with Vicards -Your partner for affordable excellence.







Explore endless opportunities with unlimited virtual cards for your social media ads.

Frequently asked questions

Your Questions, Our Answers!

Can’t find what you are looking for ? Feel free to reach out for further assistance.

There's only the monthly payment of $29; apart from that, there are no additional fees or charges.
Each additional card beyond the first comes with a nominal fee of just $5 per card.

Reach out to our team and provide the amount you'd like to deposit into your virtual card. We'll take care of crediting your card accordingly.

Yes, it's possible to have multiple virtual cards for your social media ad campaigns.

Vicards have no spending limits for social media ad campaigns, providing users with the freedom to invest without restrictions.

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